The 5 Top Rated Folding Electric Bikes 2018

Folding electric bicycles are the new trend now due to their convenience for people who travel a lot and wish to have a bike that can be easily folded and stored in a small place while traveling in different forms of transportation. These bikes are really handy when combined with other types of transformation like train, bus, subway, car, taxi, etc. A folding electric bike does exactly what you would expect it to do- it folds in half and takes very small space to store. Folding bikes are extremely easy and comfortable to carry, transport and store. They are very handy if you have very limited space at home or work to store them.

 #1 Best Folding Electric Bike – Prodeco tech Phantom X2 (26″)

Rating: (4.8/5) | Customer Reviews: 14+ | Battery: 11.6 AH, 36V | Motor: Rear Hub 500W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 35mi/56km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • The lithium batteries can charge higher amps meaning that the batteries will never deteriorate in high temperatures;
  • Best quality parts;
  • Great for taller riders;

  • Quite expensive;
  • The max range could be bigger;



The aggressive design of the frame, the heavy-duty components and the subtle coloring of the bike makes it to stand out among others. It can be easily folded into half and carried around anywhere making it easily portable. The magnesium front fork will provide shock absorption by way of hydraulic suspension offering you plenty of scope to travel. This bike can go up to 30 miles on a single charge. You can take it for long rides to hill without any problem. The bike is adjustable according to the height of the riders and is comfortable for both taller and shorter people. It is a perfect match to its price and component quality and is cost efficient with around $0.05 to run per mile.

Full Prodeco tech Phantom X2 specifications and comparison with other 4 best folding e-bikes. 


#2  Editor’s Choice & Best Folding Fat eBike – Addmotor MOTAN 20″

Rating: (4.2/5) | Customer Reviews: 42+ | Battery: 10.4AH, 48V, Samsung, 3-4 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 500W | Top Speed: 23 mph/37 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 55 mi/ 90 km | Wheels: 20″ | Tires: 4″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Really powerful;
  • Long lasting battery;
  • Comfortable seating position;

  • Design could be better;
  • Control box not isolated enough;

It is an alluring fat bike with an added advantage of being an electric bicycle. The frame is made up of 6061 aluminum, making it a little bit flexible to fold. This folding electric bike is not easily portable due to the weight of around 60 pounds.The Samsung 48V lithium battery pack makes the bike go for a longer distance ranging from 30 to 55 miles on a  single charge depending on the inclination and assistance level. It can be used by riders with a height ranging from 5ft 2” to 6ft 6”. The seat is easily adjustable according to the height of riders. This e-bike offers a maximum speed of 23 mph and can take maximum weight of 300 lbs. It is a little pricey given its component quality.

Full Addmotor MOTAN specifications and comparison with other 4 best folding e-bikes.

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#3 Best Full Suspension Folding eBike – Cyrusher XF700 (26″)

Rating: (4.4/5) | Customer Reviews: 38+ | Battery:  36V, Li-ion, 3-4 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 250W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 37 mi/60km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Maximum comfort with full suspension;
  • Light weight;
  • Many gears;


  • Not standard wheels
  • No mud guards

Cyrusher XF700 Folding E-bike is a perfect blend of class, style, performance and practicality. The bike supports a maximum weight up to 330 lbs. It is a high-performance e-bike for both road as well as off-road biking experience. It is composed of aluminum-based centre folding frame, allowing for a compact size when it is stored or transported anywhere making it easily portable. You can fold and carry it in a car or bus and transport it to camping trips, parks, picnics, etc. The aluminum based frame is completely durable and helps the bike to be used for long distance commute on a regular basis. It covers a distance of up to 28 miles on full electric and up to 37 miles on pedal assistance. This bike’s seat is adjustable according to the height of the riders ranging from 5ft 5” to 6ft 3” tall.

Full Cyrusher XF700 specifications and compararison with other other 4 best folding e-bikes. 

#4 Best Budget Electric Bike – Greenbike USA GB5

Rating: (4.5/5) | Customer Reviews: 45+ | Battery: 8.8 AH, 36V, Li-ion, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 350W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 50 mi/80 km | Wheels: 20″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • It is a great commuter bike offering a very comfortable ride.
  • It has one of the best batteries

  • The braking is very slow due to heavyweight.
  • The pedals turn out to be wobbly and unsteady.

This folding e-bike comes with an amazing style and a rock-solid build is one of the most popular models. The aluminum folding frame is coated with corrosion resistant and scratch resistant paint giving it a beautiful finish and it is very comfortable to port anywhere and store in any small places. The folding action is very intuitive and it folds into a very small package. It is extremely easy to commute the bike anywhere. It boasts an amazing range up to 50 miles on a battery making it feasible to ride long distances. It is possible to adjust the seat according to the height. It also has a great quality for its price.

Full E-go Bike specifications and comparison with other 4 top folding e-bikes. 

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#5 Entry Level Cheap Folding E-bike – Cyclamatic CX2 (20″)


Rating: (4.1/5) | Customer Reviews: 90+ | Battery: 8.8AH, 36V, Li-ion, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 250W | Top Speed: 15 mph/24 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 31 mi/50 km | Wheels: 20″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • The bike has a perfect size for saving space;
  • It has solid rack and fenders;
  • Really low price;

  • It does not offer a very high speed;
  • It is slightly heavier;

This bike is a great compromise between size and good ride. It supports a maximum weight up to 220lbs. the aluminium frame of the bike combined with the lithium ion battery offers decent speeds but is slightly heavy. It is perfect for avid cyclers. It’s a great commuter electric bike if you want to carry it on a bus or train or store it in trunk or any small space. It can be used for around 15-20 miles distance making it best for short bike rides. However, the bike is pretty small and is appropriate for riders with around 5ft 2” height. It is not advisable for taller riders. It is a great deal at a much cheaper price and will offer value for money given its component quality.

Comparison Chart of The 5 Best Folding Electric Bikes Under

#1. Addmotor MOTAN Fat Tire #2. Cyclamatic CX2 #3. ProdecoTech Phantom X2 #4. Cyrusher XF700 #5. Greenbike USA GB5
User Rating 4.2  4.1  4.8 4.4  4.5
Twist Throttle  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Motor  500W  250W 500W  250W  350W
Max Speed  23mph/37kmh  15mph/24kmh  20mph/32kmh  20mph/32kmh 20mph/32kmh
Battery  10.4AH, 48V, Li-ion  8.8AH, 36V, Li-ion  11.6 AH, 36V, Li-po  8.8 AH, 24V, Li-ion 8.8 AH, 36V, Li-ion
Charge Time  4 Hours  6 Hours  6 Hours  4 Hours  6 Hours
Gears External 7-Speed Shimano  External 6 -Speed Shimano SRAM X7 – 8 Speed  External 21 -speed Shimano External 6-Speed Shimano
E-Bike Weight With Battery 67 lbs/30 kg  57lbs/26 kg  54 Lbs/23kg  50 lbs/22 kg  66 lbs/30 kg
Max Rider weight 300 lbs/136 kg 220 lbs/100 kg 300 lbs/136 kg
Wheel Size  20″  20″  26″  26″  20″
Max Range on Battery 25 mi/40 km  31 mi/50km  35 mi/56km 37 mi/60 km 50 mi/80 km
Price  From $1299  From $549  From $1599  From $1299  From $1299
Warranty  12 Months Contact Seller 24 month  12 Months 12 Months