The 5 Top Rated & Best Cheap Electric Bikes of 2018

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More and more people are switching to electric bikes for a lot of practical reasons. It provides convenience because you do not have to wait in traffic or look for the perfect parking spot. That saves you time and money for gas. As for health benefits, you can squeeze in some exercise and manually pedal your way to work then switch to the electric motor when you get tired.

If you are on the hunt for the best cheap electric bikes under $1000, you have come to the right place.

We have rounded up some of the best electric bikes that are within your budget. You can even find great ones that are cheaper than your iPhone. Take your pick.

 #1 Top Rated Electric Bike Under $1,000 – E-go Fat Bike (26 Inch)

Rating: (4.3/5) | Customer Reviews: 25+ | Battery: 11AH, 36V, Li-ion, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 500W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 25 mi/40 km | Wheels: 26″ | Tires: 4″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Really powerful;
  • Long lasting battery;
  • Best e-bike under $1000;

  • The controls seem too basic;

The Ego Fat Bike is ideal for the great outdoors. If you love going on a trail, snow, or even at the beach, this bike is perfect for you. It runs on a 500W rear hub motor and the battery is a 36V 11AH li-ion that can run with the speed of 20 MPH. It has an aluminum frame, Shimano groupset, rear disc brakes and 4.0” fat tire.

Full E-go Fat Bike specifications and comparison with other 4 top e-bikes.

Last updated on October 22, 2018 9:29 am

#2 Editor’s Choice: Best Cheap E-Bike – E-go (26 Inch)

Rating: (3.4/5) | Customer Reviews: 21+ | Battery: 10AH, 36V, Li-ion, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 500W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 20 mi/32 km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Seatpost suspension;
  • In-frame battery;
  • Runs quietly;

  • Some users complain about the saddle;

Ego 26” bike is perfect for everyday commute. It features a 500W motor with 10AH lithium-ion battery. The E-go 26″ allows up to 20 miles with a speed up to 20 MPH. The design has a large display for speed and distance, as well as the battery life. Built with an aluminum frame with built-in battery, seat post suspension and Shimano gears. This bike is really one of the best cheap electric bikes on the market.

Full E-go Bike specifications and comparison with other 4 top e-bikes. 

Last updated on October 22, 2018 9:29 am

#3 Best Low-Cost E-Bike – X-Treme Trail Maker (26 Inch)

Rating: (3.9/5) | Customer Reviews: 120+ | Battery: 10 AH, 24V, Li-po, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 300W | Top Speed: 20 mph/32 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 25 mi/40km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Seatpost suspension;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Great for taller riders;

  • Pedal assist button is on opposite handlebar from throttle making hand signals for turning more difficult;

This high-performance electric bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that comes with a lifetime tech support from X-Treme. It runs up to 20MPH on a 20-25 mile range. It also has Shimano gears with shock absorbing features on the front fork and the seat. It has both pedal assist and twist control options. It also comes with a smart charger.

Full X-Treme Trail Maker specifications and comparison with other 4 top e-bikes.

#4 Most Reviewed Cheap Electric Bike – Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 (26 Inch)

Rating: (4.0/5) | Customer Reviews: 91+ | Battery:  8.8 AH, 24V, Li-ion, 5 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 250W | Top Speed: 15 mph/24 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 28 mi/45 km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: No | Frame: Aluminum


  • Impressive 28-mile use per charge;
  • Best for the price;
  • Mountain bike design;


  • Pedal-assist only;

The CX1 is quite popular in its class for cyclists and those who are new to electric bikes. It has a sturdy mountain bike frame with a quality of a premium bike – strong brakes and quick shifts of suspension and Shimano gears. The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 has 3 level assist modes: low, medium and high.

Full Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 specifications and compararison with other other 4 top e-bikes.

#5 Best Budget Electric Bike – Watseka XP Cargo-Electric (26 Inch)

Rating: (3.5/5) | Customer Reviews: 13+ | Battery: 9 AH, 36V, Li-ion, 6 Hours Charging | Motor: Rear Hub 250W | Top Speed: 14 mph/23 kmh | Max Distance on Battery: 18 mi/29 km | Wheels: 26″ | Twist Throttle: Yes | Frame: Aluminum


  • Low-step frame;
  • Best for comfort;
  • Includes cargo basket;

  • Some users experience a breakdown during heavy weather conditions;

This Watseka Cargo-Electric bike features a low step frame design with 250 Watt motor and a removable 9AH battery that lasts up to 18 miles. It has and pedal assists and twist throttle. The bike speeds up to 14MPH on which is totally enough for a smooth commute.

Full Watseka XP Cargo specifications and comparison with other 4 top e-bikes. 

Comparison Chart of The 5 Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000

#1. E-go Fat Bike #2.E-go Bike #3. X-Treme Trail Maker #4. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 #5. Watseka XP Cargo
User Rating 4.3  3.4  3.9 4.0  3.5
Twist Throttle  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Motor  500W  500W  300W  250W  250W
Max Speed  20mph/32kmh  20mph/32kmh  20mph/32kmh  15mph/24kmh  14mph/23kmh
Battery  11AH, 36V, Li-ion  10AH, 36V, Li-ion  10 AH, 24V, Li-po  8.8 AH, 24V, Li-ion  9 AH, 36V, Li-ion
Charge Time  6 Hours  6 Hours  6 Hours  5 Hours  6 Hours
Gears External 7-Speed Shimano  External 7 Speed Shimano External 7-Speed Shimano Tourney  External 21-speed Shimano External 6-Speed Shimano Tourney
E-Bike Weight With Battery 58 lbs/26 kg  55 lbs/25 kg  51 Lbs/23kg  47 lbs/21 kg  72.5 lbs/33 kg
Max Rider weight 260 lbs/118 kg 260 lbs/118 kg 350 lbs/159 kg 220 lbs/100 kg 220 lbs/100kg
Wheel Size  26″  26″  26″  26″  26″
Max Range on Battery 25 mi/40 km  20 mi/32 km  25 mi/40km 28 mi/45 km 18 mi/29 km
Max Speed on Battery  20 mph/32 kmh  20 mph/32 kmh  20 mph/32 kmh  15 mph/24 kmh  14 mph/23 kmh
Price  From $978  From $784  From $849  From $549  From $999
Warranty  18 Months 18 Months Contact Seller  12 Months Contact Seller

So there you go. These are the 5 best cheap electric bikes 2017 under $1000. For the overall quality and performance, all of these electric bikes are quite a bargain. So take your pick and hope this review helps!


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