3 Most Important Points Every Commuter Should Remember

More and more people commute by bicycles because of very different reasons. While the ride to work or other place in your city might not seem a big deal, considering a few factors will improve the ride quality. By thinking about such things as the apparel or bike storage while you are at work, you stand a better chance of having a more positive commuting experience.

Considering Bike Security

One of the most important factors when commuting is the security of your bike while you off the bike. It is a wise idea to find a secure space (i.e. inside your office) where you can lock your bike up. Otherwise, you should consider buying a high quality bike lock. Also, a bike with low level components is less likely to catch someone’s attention when left alone.

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There are some must-have features you should look for when preparing your bike for commuting. These include mud guards on the front and back wheels, gears that make it easier to travel up and down hills, frames for holding saddlebags or other storage devices, and a seat that has extra padding or seatpost with a suspension that will make your ride more comfortable.

Wearing Appropriate Apparel

You may want to think about wearing more comfortable clothing that is suited for cycling, for instance padded pants/shorts. You can either choose to dress fully in cycling clothes for a longer ride or wear a mix of cycling and office attire if the distance is shorter.

Female commuters may want to consider reaching the destination before doing the hair and makeup.

The best option for longer commuting distances is the shower. You will definitely get sweaty, so taking a shower and wearing fresh clothes will make the whole day better.

Last updated on August 7, 2019 2:15 am

Planning The Route

If you are cycling to work, you may want to do a bit of area and traffic research. You should look for direct routes but ones which make as much use of bike lanes as possible. If you have some riding experience, you can plan your route as you were driving a car and simply avoid traffic by riding through all the jams.

If you are riding every day, you need a bike that is built for urban conditions. Bicycles that are meant specifically for commuting are a little different than ones for racing or riding trails.

What bike to choose for your daily commute depends on the route you are riding. Basically all types of bikes are suitable for short distance rides, for instance up to 10 miles one way.

It is not hard to get into the habit of riding to work. You will find that if you have planned well in advance and have selected the right bike and clothing, that you enjoy the commute much more than if you were in a car.


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