6 Ways to Relieve Ass Pain & Avoid Saddle Sore

Every cyclist knows that with all the fun things in riding a bike comes ass pain as well. Most of the times it may feel bearable, but after some distance the pain and soreness in your but will become a problem, especially if there is a few more days of riding ahead.

  1. Ride more – in order to forget about sore ass you will need to ride more. It may take 1000 km or even more to completely get used to your saddle.
  2. Stand up more often – try to constantly stand up after a certain amount of time. Even a minute of resting your butt each 20 minutes will make a miracle.resting-your-ass
  3. Wear padded cycling pants/underwear – cyclists are using special cycling shorts not to look pretty, but to make sitting more comfortable.
  4. Put something on your saddle – this method is not comfortable but if your butt hurts really bad, putting something on your saddle soft like a pillow, a t-shirt or whatever you have with you can help a lot.bike-saddle-with-soft-surface
  5. Use a special cream – you can find a selection of creams for your buttocks which lubricates, soothes and softens the skin.
  6. Try a different saddle – it may be that your saddle doesn’t fit you well, so you need to try few various saddles to see if you feel any difference.


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