5 Cycling Gadgets That Saved Every Cyclist’s Day

Helmet Will Always Save Your Day

There still are a lot of cyclists who ride without a helmet. The usual excuses include: “it is not comfortable”, “that is just a short ride”, “I look stupid with it” etc. But you never know when an accident might occur. Just a little slight slip might end up in smashing your head to some kind of object (tree, wall, pole, ground), and what to talk about accidents where motor vehicles are involved.


Women’s Giro Saga helmet

Your head contains the most important organ of yours – the brain. Even minor head injuries may result in major damage to your brain. Try to ask any professional rider if helmets are really necessary and you will be surprised by the answers. You can find some of the best rated helmets here.

Be Visible With Bicycle Lights & Reflective Apparel

One of the biggest misconceptions in cycling community is that any headlight or rear light will do the job. Of course you should not even think about riding a bike with no lights in the dark hours. But the cheapest ones won’t be visible from a farther distance. Here is a very informative video that covers this topic in 5 minutes.

Wearing something light reflective will make you even more visible. Most of cycling apparel comes with at least a few reflective stripes. If you still prefer riding in your casual clothing, it would be wise to wear the Reflective Vest.


Reflective vest

Don’t Leave Your Bike Repair Tool Kit at Home

How many times have you been walking (or carrying) your bike home from a short ride outside the city? A small tire repair kit (or an extra inner tube) can easily fit into your pocket or a seat/frame bag.

Multi Function Bike Tool

Multi Function Bike Tool

You should also take at least a few tools to fix some minor issues in case your bike breaks down in the middle of a ride. The best option is to always carry a multi-function bike repair tool with you.

Take a Mini Pump or CO2 Inflator to Every Ride

It does not matter if you ride a road or mountain bike, there will always be a risk to get a puncture. It is a really great idea to carry a mini pump or a CO2 inflator on your bicycle. While mini pump is a better solution for longer rides, CO2 cartridges are mostly used in races when you must inflate the tire as fast as you can.


Bike pump with glueless puncture repair kit

You can use a mini pump for as many tires as you want while a CO2 cartridge will be good for a single tire. Mini pumps are way cheaper than CO2 inflator with cartridges since you only need to buy the pump itself and a Presta/Schrader valve adapter. You will need to purchase some CO2 cartridges if you consider using a CO2 inflator.



CO2 bicycle pump

Bike Bell, Ring or Horn Will Clear The Way

Anyone who has ever rode a bike know that people walk everywhere including bike lanes, streets, woods etc. You can use your mouth to make pedestrians hear you, but sometimes it is not quite polite. The best option is to have a ring, bell, horn or whatever you can make noise with.


Bicycle bell

You should not use stadium horns because these might scare the hell out of people. Some cyclists use their brake pads to make loud noise, but not all brakes make these sounds.

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