The Best Cinch Lock Since 2017 – OTTOLOCK Review

There are three most annoying things about your bike lock, no matter where you ride it: if it’s heavy, bulky and easy to break. Cycling from a meeting to a meeting in a city, having your training session or taking a short trip to a small town – you want it to be light, as flexible as it can be and thief-resistant.

When the most passionate enthusiasts get together with the good idea, magic happens. OTTOLOCK, found in 2017, has made every commuter’s dream come true by designing the product meeting their needs.

Rating: (5/5) | Customer Reviews: 100+ | Material: Steel, Kevlar | Weight: 140g/4.9oz | Available Colors: Black, Green, Orange | Available Lenghts: 18″, 30″, 60″ | Lock type: 3 Resettable Combination Wheels | Special Features: Cerakote® Ceramic Paint, Santoprene® Plastic


  • Lightweight
  • Super secure, compared to other flexible locks)
  • No additional keys

  • Combination lock might get time consuming at first for some users

Anti-Theft Technology

Behind all the great magic there’s simply a good technology. The best quality materials and the way they are put together makes the cinch lock super hard to cut. Even though the strap is thin – 18mm wide – a Kevlar band, multiple stainless steel bands layered on top of each other and coated with Santoprene plastic works wonders when pinched. They slip around each other and reduce the shearing.

How convenient it can get?

The answer – a lot. Wondering how much this reliable and invincible lock could weight? This may shock you a little – the wonder lock weighs only 155 g (0.25 lbs.), so you won’t even feel this “extra” weight when you’re on your training ride.

Flexibility is endless. Even though the layers inside the lock are from stainless steel, all of them are super thin and works perfectly when rolled up.  You can easily fit it in your pocket or carry it strapped around any tube of the bicycle.

Fits it all – the cinch lock can be used not only for securing your bicycle, but anything that you can think off and strap the lock around. From a scooter to a baby stroller, this new technology lock lets you feel safe leaving your gear outside for a while.

Though the creators of the lock warn that the lock is not designed for full overnight security – the product is perfect for the short period of time. All the tech advantages put aside – the thing is fun looking! Available in three colors: orange, bright green and classic black, it would surely look great on your wrist as well. That might be a joke. But you can always try and be bold.

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