Bosch eBike Motors Systems Comparison

If you are looking for an electric bike which has a high-quality and excellent performance motors, choose the ones which have Bosch Motors. Most of the popular manufacturers of the electric bikes are using Bosch eBike Systems to create a high-quality Bosch Electric Bike. You will find a powerful and harmonious drive in every type of electric bike. Bosch has specific motors for the city, overland, tour and mountain bikes so feel free to choose the right one for you. Bosch motors are lightweight and compact, as a result, it reduces volume and you can enjoy a small distance between pedals while enhancing the ergonomics of your pedelec. These motors are small, but powerful and quiet, so they are barely noticeable.

The Best E-bikes With Bosh Motors 2020

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Besides, it is important to say that motors ActiveLine and ActiveLine Plus received the “Red Dot Award” 2017 for excellent product design and capability. Bosch Electric Bike systems are the leading manufacturers of drive systems. Because of the built-in power assistant and fluid shifts, your ride will be smooth. Bosch eSystems lets you enjoy every moment of riding an electric bike.

Bosh electric bikes

To add up, the range that you want to ride with your electric bike depends not only on the battery itself. The range can be different from the pedal assistant level. It depends on various different factors, such as battery life, what type of motor do you have, also where are you riding your bike – in the city or the mountains. Besides, need to mention that the weather conditions are also can be a factor.

Bosch Electric Bike Motors

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Active Line – it is a great motor for the city bikes. The motor is compatible, so it can fit perfectly in the ebike frame. Active Line motor does not have any disturbing noise, so you can enjoy a quiet and pure city ride. Electric bike with this motor can go up to 15 mph. If you want to go faster – it has a minimal pedal resistance. Also, Active Line is available with a backpedal function.

Active Line Plus – it is a great motor for the city electric bikes and trekking. Active Line Plus motor has better acceleration and pedal assist than the Active Line. It can also be fitted with internal shifts and backpedal brakes. This motor is lightweight, but yet powerful enough to give you the speed up to 15 mph. Reliable Bosch motor provides gentle ride in the city.

Performance Line – this motor is great for trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting. Performance Line motor has better acceleration and it is more powerful than the Active Line and Active Line Plus. It gives you a better opportunity to go out of the city into the mountains. Also, this motor can be a great option for the MTB electric bike. With this motor, the ebike can go up to 20 mph. Also, Performance Line motors are available in five riding modes for sporty dynamic rides.

Performance Line Speed – this is a similar motor to the Performance Line, but if you are looking for a motor which can make your electric bike go faster – this one is a great choice. Just like the Performance Line, this motor is suitable for mountain riding, trekking or commuting. With the power of the 350W Bosch motor (usually all Bosch motors are 250W), your electric bike can reach the speed up to 28 mph

Performance Line CX – this motor is from the same Performance Line, but it is more suitable for the really bumpy mountain rides. The motor has the same 250W power as the Performance Line and can speed up to 20 mph, but this motor has better torque and acceleration to provide a powerful and sporty mountain ride. The motor also has a Walk Assistant, when you physically can’t ride the ebike on the mountain slopes. On step on the pedal and the power kicks in!

Bosch E-Bike Batteries

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Powerpack 300 – gives your electric bike perfect stability and long-lasting power source. Also powerpack 300 can be built on rear rack as well.

Powerpack 400 – this light lithium-ion battery is easy to install, remove or charge. The battery is long-life and has an ergonomic design.

Powerpack 500 – this battery is the same size as the Powerpack 400 and slightly more heavier. With good conditions, Performance Line Cruise in the mix, battery can take the tours up to 55 miles.

PowerTube 500 – this battery can be integrated in the bike frame. You can position it both ways – horizontally and vertically. Also, the battery will be concealed and protected for falling off by the frame

Bosch E-Bikes On-board Computers

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Purion – it has a clear display with 4 mods: Turbo, eMTB, Tour and Eco for a support during your ride. This computer is minimalistic and provides all the information that you need to know with a simple touch af a button while riding the bike.

Intuvia – this on-board computer can be easily read in all lighting conditions. Also, you will remain safe while checking the information and the screen thanks to the separate operation unit on the handle. This computer also has 4 mods: Turbo, eMTB, Tour and Eco. Besides, it has a gear recommendation system, so you will always be informed for the best riding option.

Kiox – it is new on-board computer, which gives all the information that you need during your sporty and mountain rides. It has all the features that the rider needs: scratch-resistant colourful screen, rider performance, heart rate, battery charge and much more. The rider can check their current pulse while riding a bike or motivate themselves as this computer shows whether you are riding at above or below your average speed.

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