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Bafang Mid Drive 750W

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  • When you ride in the highest assistance level, you can really feel the power from the 750W motor. It is speedy and lots of fun, but long-term users say that the system becomes unreliable under constant hard off-road use. But if you are sympathetic to it, you shouldn't have too many problems.
  • If you are not the most technical person, installing the kit may prove challenging. You get all the specialist tools included, but you should take your time if you plan on doing it yourself. Especially as you need to remove your bike's bottom bracket.
  • The kit is priced between $423.00 and $947.00, so you need to make a decision. Do you convert your current bike or buy an entry-level ebike for a similar price? An entry-level ebike won't have the power of this kit, but you won't need to do any work, and you will have an additional bike.
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Specifications: Bafang Mid Drive 750W

Class in the US




Pedal assist



750 W


48 V, 52 V

Bafang leads the market in providing e-mobility components and complete systems. The company employs over 1,000 people worldwide and sells to Europe, China, and the United States.

Their components are regarded as well-priced and of good quality. You can find them on many manufacturers’ products, but you can also fit them yourself.

The Bafang BBS02 48V 750W Mid Drive Kit is compatible with most bikes and could be the conversion you are looking for.

The 750W version of the kit is the most popular as it gives you the most power for your money. The motor is a high-quality brushless gear item that promises efficiency and lots of torque. In fact, the motor has a maximum torque rating of 120Nm, which will power you up the steepest hills.

You can choose between two batteries to match the 750W motor, a 48v (54.4v x 25A) or a 52v (58.8v x 25A). The 48V battery is said to be more reliable, so this may be the better choice.

The motor can either be used for assisting your pedaling or in throttle mode. Pedal assist mode uses a speed sensor rather than a torque sensor; therefore, the motor assists you relative to how fast you pedal rather than how hard you pedal.

Before buying this kit, you need to make sure it is mechanically compatible. This is because you can buy the kit with either a 44t, 46t, or 48t steel chainring. These chainrings aren’t the best for climbing steep hills, so you may need to buy a smaller aftermarket chainring.

You can choose an option for brake levers with built-in cut-off sensors. These are only compatible with mechanical brakes, but you would be much safer with hydraulic brakes due to the motor’s power. Therefore, you would need to buy a hydraulic brake system with the sensors built-in.

The kit is available on Amazon, so you should get it within three to four days. The additional advantage is that you can use Amazon’s excellent returns policy.

The Bafang BBS02 is a powerful conversion kit, but you need to be aware of its limitations. Spending all your time on the throttle or in the highest assistance level will cause you problems.

If you fit the kit on a decent bike with good brakes and suspension, you will have a fun and high-performance ebike.

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