Kik E-Bike

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Component Quality
  • IoT connected
  • Minimalistic and streamlined design
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles/seating
  • Sparse in specifications and functions (little information available online)
  • Best for street use, not well suited to tougher terrains
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Family-run brand Kik Mobility was founded in Europe under the values of promoting an active lifestyle. Right now, they mostly focus on being a shared mobility company, allowing riders from all over the world to rent bikes and scooters for personal use. Right now Kik only offers one electric bicycle model and one scooter model. Today we’ll be focusing on the renowned Kik E-Bike Bicycle.


Priced at $1300.00 and available in gloss black, the Kik E-Bike is a true lesson in minimalism and simplicity. You won’t find much in the way of bells and whistles on the Kik, as it is a bike designed to simply get you where you need to go in an urban environment. The standard 26” tires and aluminum alloy frame are best for street riding. Since the tires are not puncture resistant, they wouldn’t do well on a trail or rural setting. The bike is ergonomically designed with a large LCD mounted screen to keep you up to date on battery life, MPH, and range. The bike also offers five assist modes which can be accessed from the screen.


Though battery size is not specified online by Kik, users state that the battery appears to be a  48V Lithium Ion battery that garners a range between 20 and 40 miles with a given assist mode engaged. The battery technology is optimized to keep up with varying conditions and safety. Motor size appears to be a 250W or 350W hub-drive motor which will garner speeds between 15-20 MPH, which is about average for a cruiser bike of this type. You won’t find much in the way of suspension on this bike, but the ergonomic design will keep your ride feeling smooth even as you go over bumps or rocks.


One of the major selling points of the Kik E-Bike is the connectivity. Unlike similar models, this is a connected device with both accessibility and traceability features. It is connected to the Internet of Things and can be compatible with Bluetooth.

Overall, the Kik E-Bike may be a good option if your goal is simple and minimalistic. Kik Mobility doesn’t offer much in the way of specifications on this bike, but promises European engineering and quality design.

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