Sports Swap: Athletic VS Track Cycling

This video is a part of a program on the Olympics YouTube channel wherein they take seasoned, high performing Olympians and make them try each other’s sports. The main point of the exercise is to take the athletes out of their comfort zone. This video covers Dutch sportswomen Ellis Litgee and Naomi Sedney. Ellis is an Olympic gold-winning track cyclist while Naomi is an Olympic level sprinter. The video covers them as they attempt to move out of their comfort zone and test out the new sport.

The video begins with them meeting each other. It moves on to the discussion about and showcasing of the different equipment used in both sports. Naomi talks to Ellis about the spikes and the starting blocks used by sprinters while Ellis walks Naomi through the racing bicycle. A racing bicycle is made out of carbon-fibre and has no brakes while the running spikes are very light with no heels. Both the athletes seem confused and uncomfortable with the equipment. After the equipment walkthrough, both athletes do their respective warm-ups and then move on to the first challenge. Ellis runs a 60-meter sprint in 10.06 seconds. After this Naomi cycles a lap in around 35 seconds. After the first challenge, each athlete undergoes basic training. Naomi helps Ellis in setting up the starting blocks and then teaches her how to get out of the blocks while starting. She then helps in improving Ellis’ form by telling her the proper posture and positioning for her arms, feet and core muscles. After this Ellis helps Naomi improve her timing by trying out the track with her. She teaches her the proper riding position and improves her bending and elbow placement. She also tries to make her sit in a way which would deliver the maximum allocation of power from her leg muscles.

After the training, both the athletes began their second run. The challenge for Ellis is to run 60 meters in under 10 seconds and for Naomi – to finish a lap in less than 35 seconds. Ellis finishes her 60-meter sprint in 9.43 seconds while Naomi finishes her lap in 29.43 seconds.


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