5 Best Haibike e-Bikes in 2020

Haibike introduced electric bicycles in 2014 in USA. It is already an established brand of Europe and was founded in 1995 in Germany. With high level of technology used for manufacturing of Haibike e-bikesthis brand is certainly one of the largest retailers of e-bikes and provides its services all around the world. 

HaiBike E-Bike Range Speed Motor Price
#1 XDURO Urban Up to 65 miles 20 Mph Bosch Mid-Drive, 350W Buy on Amazon Price: $1799
#2 SDURO Trekking Up to 105 miles 20 Mph Yamaha Mid-Drive 250W Buy on Amazon Price: $1799
#3 XDURO Trekking Up to 65 miles 28 Mph Bosch Mid-Drive, 350W Buy on eBay Price: $3158
#4 XDURO FullLife Up to 60 miles 20 Mph Bosch Mid-Drive, 350W Buy on eBay Price: $4336
#5 XDURO FatSix Up to 65 miles 20 Mph Bosch Mid-Drive, 250W Buy on Amazon Price: $3300

#1 HaiBike XDURO Urban – 28″

It is specially designed as the sports bike that delivers a maximum torque of up to 75Nm and sometimes even higher than it. This special bike is made of high-quality Xduro Aluminum Alloy material and has a shock-resistant plastic skid plate to protect its motor from the impact or stone chipping while enjoying your ride. Experience the Bosch performance by riding this powerful bike that has Lithium Ion Battery of 400W 36V and works with 350W 20mph pedal assistance. The bike comes with 5 years warranty period. It also has Shimano hydraulic disc brake 160mm and a tapered head. It can be used for a dual purpose such as mountain riding and also performing cycling as a form of exercise.

  • Motor: Bosch Mid-Drive, 350W;
  • Top Speed: 20 mph;
  • Max Distance on Battery: Up to 65 miles (105 km) when rider weights 170lbs;
  • Battery: Bosch Li-Ion 36 volt, 400 Watt hour;
  • Wheels: 28″;
  • Twist Throttle: No;
  • Frame: Aluminum Gravity casting interface, hydroformed;
  • Gears: 10;
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano XT RD-M786 Shadow Plus;
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#2 Haibike SDURO Trekking – 28″

Haibike Sudro Trekking

The SDURO electric bike is perfect for trekking, cycling on any terrain, forest tracks or even through the city. This electric bike is powered with Yamaha PW drive system and supports the rider to have a wonderful experience with powerful Lithium-Ion battery and reliable motor. This SDURO electric bike is removable and can be mounted in different positions. The handlebar is operated by remote and is equipped with special shock-resistant plastic skid plate which protects the motor from other impacts or stone chipping. If looked properly this Yamaha trekking 5.0 electric bike is multifunctional and displays best Yamaha system features to ease the rider have a wonderful day out.

  • Motor:  Yamaha Mid-Drive 250W;
  • Top Speed: 20 mph;
  • Max Distance on Battery: Up to 105 miles (169 km) when rider weights 170lbs;
  • Battery: Bosch 400Wh, 36V, Lithium Ion
  • Wheels: 28″
  • Twist Throttle: No;
  • Frame: Aluminum 6061;
  • Gears: 10;
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore XT;

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#3 HaiBike XDURO Trekking – 28″

This HaiBike is optimized for sporty use and is made of high-quality Aluminum Alloy that makes this e-bike easier to handle as it is lightweight. It is equipped with 1 Lithium Ion battery to give Bosch performance and is perfect XDURO trekking 4.0, specifically for long trips with 28″ tires that have a solid tube for anti-skid and rear disc brakes. This cross model sporty bike is the perfect choice for riding longer distances on or off road to have fun with your friends or family members every day. This silver Bosch Intuvia is supported with a lupine lighting system that is beneficial for the rider to ride in the dark.

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#4 HaiBike XDURO FullLife Full Suspension eMTB – 27.5″

This Haibike is made of best quality Aluminum alloy material specially optimized for sporty use that is designed for women. This HaiBike is equipped with Bosch performance CX and is known as XDURO Full life 5.0 bicycle that has electric suspension with 120mm travel, standard headset, pedals, and handlebars. It is powered with 1 Lithium Ion Battery and its motor delivers a constant maximum torque of up to 75 Nm and even higher than that. Buy this elegantly designed Bosch electric bike to plan an outdoor recreation or perform cycling.

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#5 HaiBike Xduro FatSix – 26″4.0

Haibike fattire

Check out this new range of collection from Haibike that is made of fine quality Aluminum Alloy material and runs with Bosch Powerpack battery 500W and quick charges with Yamaha 4A charger. Can be locked out with RC Remote and has tapered headset, MTB platform pedals, has steel chainring and tires have aluminium steerer tube tapered through axle and Supported with MTB Griffe stem. The seat of this HaiBike is adjustable and one can buy this to use for commuting or mountain cycling. Perfect electric bike from HaiBike that has Bosch features.

  • Motor: Bosch Mid-Drive, 250W;
  • Top Speed: 20 mph;
  • Max Distance on Battery: Up to 65 miles (105 km) when rider weights 170lbs;
  • Battery: Bosch PowerPack 500Wh, 36V, 11AH;
  • Wheels: 26″x 4.0;
  • Twist Throttle: No;
  • Frame: Aluminium;
  • Gears: 11;
  • Rear derailleur: Sram NX;
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More HaiBike bikes:

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Haibike Xduro AllMtn

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Electric motors are the future in the bicycle industry. Whether it’s termed motor assist or helper motor, Haibike is the next big thing in e-bikes. The electric mountain bike will no longer be the awkward, inefficient combination of bicycle and motor. From concept to execution the new ePerformance bicycles feature a high degree of advanced design, engineering and innovation. Haibike is an industry leader in electric bikes, with many groundbreaking innovations, including features like the Gravity Casting Interface, Skid Plate, and Sprocket Equalizing System. High-level technical knowledge is what makes these bikes stand out from others in the market.

Haibike Company History

Haibike entered the US market in 2014 with an already well-established brand history. Haibike was set up in Germany in 1995 by the Winora Group president Puello Susanne and her husband Felix, but the roots go back to 1914 when Susanne’s great-grandfather, Engelbert Wiener, the famous racing cyclist, founded the Wiener Retail Trading Firm manufacturing bicycles. They were the first people to make the Bosch powered eMTB. From then on, the Haibike design team has been pushing boundaries to stay years ahead of the crowd. With the ever-increasing knowledge base and product testing, Haibike electric bikes are the front-runners in marketing the greatest and latest electric bikes.

Features That Make Haibike Trusted

This company certainly provides most comfortable and user friendly electronic vehicles. With most efficient motors, charging port, USB port, best road gripping tyres, long lasting battery life and several other features makes the electronic bikes of this brand a special one among all other brands of this sector. Apart from these basic required features, latest designer vehicles with classic designs attract the riders towards it.

Haibike E-bike Competitors in The Market

Haibike bikes are facing a very tough competition in the market with already established brands of this sector. According to the top market analysis, most competitive brands of this sector are Derby cycle, Pedego bicycles, Zhejiang Luyuan electric vehicle, EZee kinetics, Ancheer bikes and several others. These are other top brands in the electric bicycle sector in the regions of China, Japan, United States and Europe.

Fast and Tough

Haibike bikes were made for the bike-rider who is not afraid of limits. There are no problems like overheating motors in long uphill sections, drive failures, over-strained gear or weak components. Haibike bikes spell complete bike-riding pleasure!

Haibike eBike Price Range

Best quality components used for manufacturing Haibike bikes and other upgraded feature makes this brand a bit costlier. However the price range of e-bikes of this brand is from $3500 to $18000. This variable price range depends upon different models and features of different e-bikes of this brand.

Designed Especially To Suit You

Haibikes are designed to match your physical strength. This is the most important part of your riding experience. No matter whether you’re pushing the limits, or staying in a relaxed cruising mode – the choice is all yours. The Pedelec feature gives you the right amount of electrical support when you’re pedalling actively. All Haibike e-bikes are considered to be regular bicycles and can also be driven on the dirt roads and through the forests.

The amazing design quality of Haibike is the promise that the technical team gives you when you buy one of these products. It is neither a big MTB nor is it the smaller-sized motocross bike, it’s a well thought-out and well-proportioned eBike. It is manufactured in such a way that it integrates all the components. The performance is unparalleled and this bike is more than likely to set some new standards in bike design for an entirely new category.

Based on the Haibike e bike reviews by the riders and owners, here are few pros and cons of bikes of this brand:

Pros of Haibike e-bikes

  • Environment and user friendly vehicles.
  • Classic designs and models.
  • Removable display panel as well as battery rack.
  • Easily adjustable which helps in transportation from one place to another.
  • Powerful engines and long lasting battery life.
  • Charging port as well as USB port is installed.
  • Hydraulic brakes and best front and rear suspension.

Cons of Haibike e-bikes

  • Expensive bikes as compared to other brands.
  • To recharge the battery is a time taking job.


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