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Top Rated & Best Electric Bikes

Going about the business of hand picking the best electric bikes and making a top list isn’t easy. With dozens of brands and bike styles to choose from, the process of narrowing those bikes down into a top electric bike list can be a daunting task.

How We Select The Best Electric Bikes to Our Lineups

To start, we focused on the needs and necessities any average electric bike rider would have. Without getting too specific with bike type (fat tire, mountain, hybrid), we looked at bikes that would fit into the big picture of the average rider’s life. The goal was to find the best overall models, those that could take you from trail to street with total ease. With that in mind, we took to breaking down bike specifications and features. How did one motor perform over another? How was the handling on the hybrid bike vs. the fat tire mountain bike? If bikes didn’t perform well overall or tick the boxes on durability, range, battery life, suspension, and assisting features, they didn’t make our top lists. We handpicked the best electric bikes and formed a list to help you find a bike that fits into your riding needs.

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