Best Budget Electric Bikes Under $1,000

Think an electric bike is out of your price range? Not true. While some high-end electric bike models can cost well over $2500, there are plenty of budget options that can rival the luxury brands. Looking for the best budget electric bikes under $1,000? We’ve rounded up a few of the best options available today.


Hurley Amped ST

If you want a no-frills but nice looking and easy to live with an electric bike, the Hurley Amped S.T. is a good choice. However, you may find it a little limiting when comparing it to slightly more expensive electric bikes.
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Hurley Layback-S Cruiser

The Hurley Layback-S Cruiser is a nice simple cruiser ebike. You can ride in style, in relative comfort. But remember that it is a low-cost bike. That is not to say it is a poor bike, but it hasn't got the features of more expensive models.
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Ecotric Folding Fat Bike

San Francisco based bike brand Ecotric is all about making electric bikes mainstream. Manufactured in California, Ecotric bikes are durable, high-quality, and built for whatever life has in mind. With a full range of electric bikes to choose from, ...
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Nakto 250W Fashion Foldable City

If you are looking for a foldable e-bike that is easy to ride, highly portable and comes at a great price, the Nakto 250W Fashion Foldable City Electric Bike – Black is a great choice for you! A popular bike amongst its peers and beyond, the Nakto ...
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Fat Bike Nakto 26″

The Nakto 26″ Fat Bike is ideal for the great outdoors. If you love going on a trail, snow, or even at the beach, this bike is perfect for you. It runs on a 300W rear hub motor and the battery is a 36V 10Ah li-ion that can run with the speed of 20 ...
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Nakto Skylark

If you want a comfortable and fun commuter bike that can be easily stored while spending under $1,000, the Nakto Skylark will give you value for money.
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NAKTO Camel City 26″ Review

If you are looking for a best budget electric bike, this bike is a perfect option. An electric city bicycle that thrills, the Nakto Camel is all about form and function. With a high-speed 250W brushless motor, this bike can tackle terrain just as ...
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Hyper E-Ride 29er

Epic American bike brand Hyper was born from the world of BMX. Now they focus on manufacturing high-quality E-Bikes as well as traditional models. The Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike with 29” wheels is bar far one of Hyper’s most popular options. ...
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Ancheer SPARKS 5638 E-MTB

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Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike 26″ Women’s Cruiser

Cruiser bikes can make riding a joy. That’s exactly what the Hyper E-Ride Womens Cruiser accomplishes. Stylish and well-designed, American company Hyper sought to create a 26-inch bike that stands out without breaking the bank. Retailing for just ...
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SwagCycle EB7

Swagtron EB7 electric bike is an eco-friendly commuter bike, which is a great option to navigate the streets in style. Swagtron EB7 electric bike has a highly efficient 350-watt motor. Also, it has a few functions, like pedal-assist power. If you ...
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Ancheer Folding Full Suspension Electric Bike

This folding full suspension electric bike might be the perfect solution for commuters. There are quite a few electric bikes that have both full suspension and are foldable. The 6 spokes Magnesium wheels make this ebike look extraordinary. Although ...
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Ancheer Power Plus Commuter 250W

ANCHEER makes sure that a customer would get the maximum quality electric bike for the price. The Power Plus model comes with a bright 7-LED headlight, front/rear disc brakes and the front suspension. The 8AH removable Lithium-Ion battery lets it ...
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Ancheer Mountain Bike

California based brand Ancheer has been producing bikes and fitness equipment for more than 10 years. Currently, they are focused on their electric bikes which are manufactured in China and Taiwan. Ancheer offers a full range of electric bikes, ...
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Nakto 300W Ranger Mountain Electric Bike

The Nakto Ranger Mountain 300W 36V Electric Bike is one bike that answers all your dreams in an electric bike. This simple and easy to ride bike boasts a mountain bike design while tackling any type of terrain with effortless confidence. Designed by ...
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Ancheer Folding Commuter

Renowned California fitness brand Ancheer has been all about crafting electric bikes that suit every lifestyle. Made in Taiwan and China, Ancheer offers a full range of electric bikes, including folding bikes and commuter bikes. In this review, we ...
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