About Us

We are Adam and Laurynas, two old friends sharing one passion – bikes. Our hard work in bike shops and our free time spent cycling allowed us to become competent enough in the cycling area. Organizing bike trips and helping people choose the right bicycle developed a good sense of what issues and difficulties face the beginner cyclists. Today we are happy that we can inspire people to start cycling and help them.

We had an idea for some time and decided to put our knowledge and experience into something visible – into a website about e-bikes. This site is meant to be your guide through the variety of e-bike brands, models, motors and parts. Here, you will find pure arguments why one is better than others, the best gadgets for smart cycling and all must-know information. We are happy that around 5000 electric bike enthusiasts visit our website every month. Our mission is to help and inspire people to join the cycling community and feel the joy of riding an e-bike. You and us, We Are The Cyclists!