The Fastest Electric Bikes in 2020

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As for 2020, the electric bike has become one of the fastest-growing bike types in the United States. Ebikes are motorized with various simple to complex electric motors. However, the most advanced motor could develop a speed of up to 60mph. Though it could be hard to believe that an ebike could ride 60 miles per hour, below are the fastest electric bikes that could be purchased online.

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  • 8000W Rear Hub Motor
  • 65 Miles Max Distance
  • 60 Mph Top Speed
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SEGWAY Ninebot Dirt


  • 280W High Torque Mid Motor
  • 40.4 Miles Max Distance
  • 31.1 Mph Top Speed
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Delfast Top 2.0


  • 3000W Rear Hub Motor
  • 1274 Miles Max Distance
  • +50Mph Top Speed
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CAB Recon 2019


  • 10,000W Rear Hub Motor
  • 120 Miles Max Distance
  • 60 Mph Top Speed
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Stealth B-52


  • 6200W Rear Hub Motor
  • 60 Miles Max Distance
  • 50 Mph Top Speed
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High-speed eBike development

You might not know, but the electric bike is popular since 1998. In continues to grow its popularity by selling over 120 million bicycles in China alone. Also, e-bikes are extremely popular in the United States.

We think a lot of people don’t buy simple bikes because they might be too lazy to ride them. However, with electric bikes and their powerful motors, things can change. Just imagine if you would be able to reach your destination avoiding all the traffic, saving money on gas, and being eco-friendly. For us, it sounds like a plan.

According to the continually rising popularity number, after a few years, people will be riding electric bikes more than cars. It also can improve our climate and make a safer environment with fewer car accidents.

Each year faster models

People love speed. Every single day we try to come up with new ideas on how to reach our destination faster than yesterday, how to save time and money. It happens in the cycling world also. Manufacturers are trying to make faster electric bikes. Besides, the manufacturers of electric bikes are replacing bike frames to aluminum alloy or titanium. In this way, an electric bike becomes lighter and rides faster.

There are much evidence and examples that humanity is trying to reach speed limit goals and achieve more regarding the speed. With these results and development, in the future, we will replace our cars into an e-bike. Why not, if they are riding at the same speed?

Faster than average eBike types

There are so many different electric bikes that you can choose. Before buying any bike, make sure to find out the best type that suits your needs the best. There are four main types of electric bikes:

Pedal-Assist electric bikes are the most common e-bikes. The motor activates when you start to pedal. However, this type of e-bike is the slowest one. The Pedal-Assist electric bike is made only to help you out with cycling. The usual speed of Pedal-Assist electric bike is up to 15mph, suitable for busy city streets.

On-Demand Throttle Assist electric bikes are also low-speed bikes and develop the speed up to 20mph. This type of e-bikes is excellent for those who lack leg power and uses a switch to activate the motor and stop pedaling.

Speed Pedelec electric bikes are one of the fastest electric bikes despite the mopeds. It uses a powerful motor to keep the e-bike developing a rapid speed up to 28mph or even more. It is excellent if you are looking for a powerful and fast electric bike to reach your destination as quickly as with a car.

Now that we have mentioned a few different bike types and the difference of the speed for each of them, we can give you the 5 top-rated fastest electric bikes that you can choose from. They are going to pay you off by offering the wind in your hair and the feeling of the power of the motor. Let’s go!


  1. what is the make and model of the fat ebike in the top picture? the bike behind the
    ‘the top rated & best
    fastest e-bikes’
    some of the faster ebikes here look less like bicycles and more like won’t get away with riding those on bike trails easily. i have a fast mtb ebike, the luna x-1 and much of the reason i love it is that it is fast and still looks like a mountain bike.


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