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Best Cheap Electric Bikes

Choosing the best cheap electric bikes will never be easy. After all, there are dozens of options under $1,000, each with specifications and features that can set them apart from the crowd.

How We Hand-Pick The Best Cheap Electric Bikes

While the price was paramount in narrowing down our choices, ranking the best bikes rested upon a few key points: power, durability, battery life, and range. Our top picks had to have the power to reach speeds comparable to higher-end models without sacrificing stability or control. Additionally, each bike had to be durable. Since so many people equate “cheap” with “low quality” we hand-selected bikes that could stand up to use over time. Battery life was also paramount. We wanted to select bikes with a solid range that could charge up in under 8 hours’ time. At the end of the day, handpicking the best cheap electric bikes was all about the big-picture, not just handpicking bikes with a few select features we enjoyed.

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