Best Hunting Electric Bikes 2021

Electric bikes usually associate with a city-type electric bikes that are suitable for urban riding. Have you ever thought of having an electric hunting bike? Yes, this is a thing.

Electric hunting bikes came to market because the normal ones can’t keep up with extreme conditions of the woods, debris, and moisture. How can you hunt with a bike than can’t go off-road? Let’s take a lot at the top 5 best hunting electric bikes below:


Ride1Up 700 SERIES

Get one of the most powerful ebikes available - the 700 series by Ride1Up - today! Transform your commute with clean, safe power like never before. Ride1Up has been offering all types of ebikes for years. This North American company designs and ...
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Backou Mule Elite Hunting Bike

Utah based company Backou is tireless in its pursuit of manufacturing the best fat-tire hunting E-Bikes on the market today, including the popular Mule model. The Backou Mule is in a league of its own with a Bafang Ultra M620 750W/1000W mid-drive ...
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Hunting has never been better than with the Rambo Rampage 1000W ebike. A durable frame and a quality ride, all wrapped up in one neat package. Rambo is a unique ebike company in the lifestyle that they design for. With a Rambo bike, you're ...
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QuietKat Apex 2021

Colorado brand QuietKat is all about making quality all-terrain electric bikes. This brands most popular fat-tire electric bike named Apex was designed for the most rugged and advanced off-road terrain including steep mountain ascents and descents ...
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Make your hunting trip your own with the fantastic Bakcou Storm ebike. This full-suspension bike is ready for any type of terrain you can throw at it. American founded and American made, Bakcou is one of the best hunting bike developers in the ...
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Rambo R1000XPS Xtreme

Ever thought about buying an electric hunting bike? Well, let us tell you that more and more hunters are using electric bikes because of the benefits they have. However, not all electric bikes are suitable for mountains, forests or other ...
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QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

Colorado brand QuietKat is all about manufacturing E-Bikes that can give hunters and outdoor enthusiasts an edge. The 2020 QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike does just that. Available in two key colors: camo or charcoal, the QuietKat Ranger looks ...
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Black Max Denali Fat Tire Off Road

The Black Max Deanali 48V 1000W Bafang BBSHD Mid-Drive 26” X 4.0” Fat Tire Off-Road E-Bike is a known model currently manufactured in China by American company Black Max. As a Mid-Drive E-Bike, the Denali is ideal for riding in steeper climates or ...
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Honorable mentions


All Terrain All Wheel Drive Fat tire electric bike

Based in Los Angeles, American brand Tripper Electric Bikes is all about innovation in the E-Bike Market. That’s apparent in their All Terrain All Wheel Drive Fat Tire Electric Bike model. This 48V E-Bike features prominent fat tires that measure ...
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Why Would You Need Electric Bike for Hunting?

Just imagine that you need to carry more than 50 pounds of gear only on your back when you go hunting. That can get heavy and frustrating. You are lucky if you have an electric bike to drag these things for five or even 10 miles. An electric hunting bike is specifically designed to ride off-road in all weather conditions. Also, it is capable of carrying all the heavy hunting gear.

Electric hunting bikes has been helping hunters for many years. As technology develops, now we have even stronger and faster hunting bikes in the market. As we mentioned above, a hunting e-bike is specifically designed to carry your heavy hunting gear, ride in all weather conditions, and all roads, including muddy woods.

What Features Make a Perfect Electric Hunting Bike?

Well, this kind of electric bike is definitely not your usual electric bicycle with a typical motor. It wouldn’t be able to carry more than 300 pounds. The hunting e-bike has a powerful motor. Also, the frame is solid and sturdy; however, it is light enough for you to lift it if needed.

Another one feature that separates a hunting ebike from a usual is fat tires. Typically, a hunting e-bike has 4″ or 5″ wide tires that are suitable for off-road riding.

Besides, you can even find an electric hunting bike that has a walking-assist feature. It would be beneficial, especially if you need to carry a load of stuff and a bike itself. The walking-assist mode keeps the e-bike ride up to 2.5mph, and it helps you to avoid the sweaty hunting journey.

What Motor is The Best for Electric Hunting Bike?

What kind of motor you could look it depends on your needs. If you are going to use your bike for a moderate to rough roads with a little bit of hill climbing – the regular mid-drive motor is the best.

If you know that you will have a steep road ahead of you, then the ultra mid-drive motor can help you in this case.

The Different Types of Hunting E-Bike Motors

The rear-hub motors. They are usually fitted inside the back wheel. It is a simple, inexpensive motor for hunting e-bikes that don’t need much power. The rear-hub motors make a similar feeling to a motorcycle as the power is being pushed from the back.

Mid-drive motors are fitted in the frame between pedals, which provides a natural and well-balanced power to a hunting bike. The mid-drive motors are suitable for hills.

Ultra mid-drive motors are the best electric hunting bike motors on the market. This type of motor has all the features that the regular mid-drive has and even more. If you are an extreme hunter and want to have an e-bike that can ride on all terrains, get yourself an e-bike with an ultra mid-drive motor.

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