Best Butchers & Bicycles Electric Bikes

Brand Butchers and Bicycles promises a family-style electric cargo bike that boasts car-like comfort. That’s why when reviewing Butchers and Bicycles we didn’t just look at specifications, we looked at comfort, balance, and how this bike could work for a family. Whether out on a long ride or short commute, we made sure Butchers and Bicycles lived up to their claims of car-like comfort and dependability.

The world’s most highly advanced and simplest cargo e-bike is handmade in Copenhagen and is available in Australia now. Forget what you know about three-wheeled cargo bikes (boxy, clunky, difficult to ride, etc). Butchers & Bicycles is made for manoeuvrability and speed and is the result of several years of intense research and development by a team of engineers who set out to build the bike that ticked all the boxes for cargo and kid carrying combined with a high-performance e-bike that was the pleasure to ride. This bike comes with the exclusive Butchers & Bicycles ‘Built To Tilt’ system and features the unrivalled Bosch Performance eBike system.

Butchers & Bicycles Company History

Butchers & Bicycles designs and develops cargo bikes. The product includes an Mk1, 3 wheeled cargo trike. This company was established in 2010 and is now headquartered in Denmark. Named for the location in Copenhagen’s packing district, Butchers & Bicycles is headed by entrepreneurs Morten Mogensen, Morten Wagener and Jakob Munk.

High-Performance Electric Cargo Bikes

When you are an uncompromising perfectionist and want the ultimate and the most reliable tool for daily urban transportation, we believe that Butchers & Bicycles will suit you very well. It presents a real alternative to the car. Combining the Built To Tilt system with an unrivalled Bosch Motor Performance eBike system, the bike can make you and your kids smile every time the seat belts get buckled, whatever the distance you travel. Let’s look at some of the great features that are available on this bike.

Frame: Butchers & Bicycles electric bikes feature a lightweight 7005 T6 aluminium frame. This has a high strength: weight ratio as well as a high resistance to corrosion. This frame features the cable inlet system, giving bike amazing routing solutions for wires and cables.

Brakes: Butchers & Bicycles is equipped with the best quality Tektro hydraulic brakes, and has 160mm front and rear rotors. Besides providing reliable stopping power, the brakes are very low-maintenance and simple to control.

Drivetrain: Butchers & Bicycles comes with the NuVinci N380 and chains that provide smooth and seamless gear shifting with 380% ratio range.

Top Speed: Just like most electric bikes sold in the US, Butchers & Bicycles e-bikes have a top speed of over 20mph to comply with the federal laws. Experienced riders can use some strategies to remove the speed limit for use on private roadways, but the jury is out on how it can impact your warranty. Unless we get the official word from the Butchers & Bicycles, stay cautious. Tuning the new range of bikes and carefully designing the key components to make the huge difference are the result of years of technical research and development.

You can book for the test ride here

Final Thoughts

If you see yourself as an uncompromising rider who needs the ultimate green vehicle and the most reliable tool for daily urban transportation, then we believe that Butchers & Bicycles e-bikes will totally surprise you. You can ride effortlessly with complete style and biking has never been so much fun.

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