CHO 27″ Mountain e-Bike Review

There are a lot of electric mountain bikes to choose from in the market nowadays. It is obvious, that for many people it could be very difficult to choose from so many e-bikes. Meet the new CHO 27″ Overfly Jasscol e-bike!

The Overfly Jasscol electric aluminum-alloy frame mountain e-bike is made out of strong and sturdy aluminum alloy frame. Most of the time, e-bikes that are made out from this material are heavy, but the Jasscol is lightweight and you will be able to carry it if needed.

48V 350W Bafang mid motor makes this bike very fast and the option of 9 speeds in total allows you to choose the most desirable speed for your needs. Also, the 48V 10Ah Lithium battery has a 40-mile range which is long-enough for exploring the outdoors. 

This is also a PAS and Throttle electric bike. This means, that when the bike is in the motion for at least 10 mph, the motor will start working and you will be able to be controlling the speed through the throttle or pedals. When the bike is not moving, the throttle will be disabled.


  • Rating: (4.8/5)
  • Customer Reviews: 8+
  • Motor: 48V 350W Bafang Mid Motor
  • Top Speed: 20 mph / 32kmh
  • Max Distance on Battery: 40mi / 64km
  • Wheels: 27.5″
  • Twist Throttle: No
  • Weight: 30 lbs / 13 kg
  • Load: 220 lbs / 99 kg


  • It can be a great and simple electric bike for outdoor adventures 
  • PAS and throttle mountain e-bike which decreases the injuries of the throttle turning by itself


  • There are 9 speeds only, which can be not enough for some 

Final Thoughts

The Overfly Jasscol mountain e-bike is a great choice if you have never owned an electric bike before. It is suitable to be riding on bumpy terrain, in the woods and mountains and the city also. It is a very versatile e-bike which is super easy to use and made out of strong and sturdy material which doesn’t weigh down the bike itself. 



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