Espin Nesta Folding Electric Bike

Average Score 9.4
Component Quality
  • The Espin Nesta is a very good value. You get quality components and performance for what you pay.
  • The Nesta has solid battery life and you can’t run out of juice when you’re out.
  • The Nesta has all-terrain capabilities.
  • The Espin Nesta is easy to balance and has an easy-to-learn riding style.
  • Compact, step-through frame for easy mounting
  • The 21 Nesta is foldable to fit your lifestyle and easy for transportation.
  • It is equally fast with a solid range and all of the contact points on this bike are comfortable.
  • All-terrain riding for spontaneous adventures
  • The LCD display is a little bit dim and can be hard to see when it’s bright outside.
  • The storage racks don’t have very high weight ratings — just 11 lbs on the front and shy of 40 lbs in the rear.
  • It might be too heavy for some riders to port around.
  • We would rather see Shimano components than S-Ride.
  • The design might be too ebikey for some people.
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Specifications: Espin Nesta Folding Electric Bike

Class in the US




Pedal assist

5 level pedal assist


750 W


40 Miles

Top Speed

25 Mph


48V 10.5 Ah

Frame sizes


E-bike Weight

65 Lbs


Glacier Blue, Smoke Gray


20" x 4.0"

The Espin Nesta Folding Electric is the best option to enhance your riding experience. It is designed
to be solid, comfortable, and accessible for beginner and expert riders alike. This e-bike delivers
on speed, functionality, and convenience where many e-bikes can’t compete. It’s the perfect design
for people living in cities or small spaces that want to store it away out of sight.

There are many e-bikes out there, from hardcore off-roaders to casual cruisers to commuters – but the 21 Nesta is unique. A Fun, Foldable Electric Bike That Delivers Power and Versatility;

This model is a true purpose-built e-bike for people who are tight on space, looking for both commuter and recreational functionality, and want more of a true e-bike than a hybrid.


The unique design is the first thing you’ll notice; this thing proudly shouts e-bike. The ability to fold this bike down to a smaller footprint so it can fit in a closet rather than needing a garage or sitting in your living room would appeal to many city dwellers or those just lacking a lot of space. It will also operate on trains, buses, and cars/SUVs that do not have racks.


It’s easy to get on and off thanks to the step-through frame, however the high handlebars take some getting used to. The bike is very easy to control and maneuver, despite the fact that the handlebars are a little high up. Overall, the ride is comfortable, and pedaling is simple thanks to the eight gears available.

Motor and Battery

Riding the Espin Nesta is a lot of fun. It’s a class 3 e-bike with a top speed of 28 miles per hour, and even at nearly 190 pounds, I can attest to that speed rating. The Nesta has some serious power, thanks to its 750-watt motor, which allowed me to exceed 25 miles per hour on a flat road. The 10.5Ah externally mounted lithium-ion battery provides a 20-mile minimum range and a 40-mile maximum range, allowing you to take it practically anywhere.


The Espin Nesta comes with Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm brake rotors front and rear.

LCD Display and Pedal Assist

A colorful LCD display is located in the middle of the handlebars, above the movable stem, on the Espin Nesta. The color scheme of this display is pleasant, and it reads out all the information you’ll need to know while riding. That is, the time, speed, battery, PAS level, odometer and has a watt meter.

All-Terrain Tires

Electric bikes have been quite popular in recent years, and Espin bikes have take advantage of the trend. Thanks to the all-terrain tires and foldable frame of the Espin Nesta, you can practically take your bike on offroad adventures or commute to work.

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Espin Nesta Folding Electric Bike
Espin Nesta Folding Electric Bike


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