New Xiaomi Release 2019: HIMO C20 Electric Bike

Xiaomi brand is well-known for its electronic products, but in 2019 they have come with the newest release – HIMO C20 electric bike that, as the Brand claims, has a range of 50 miles. Here are some details.

Himo C20

Affordable e-bike with the high range of 50 miles

HIMO C20 Electric Bike is the newest Xiaomi Brand release. This Electric Bike is 250W rear hub motor which allows this e-bike to speed up to 15.5 MPH. This is a legal speed almost everywhere in the world, so you won’t have to worry about getting tickets for the speed, though. The 36V 10Ah rechargeable battery what makes this e-bike unique, as with a full charge of 6 hours, the bike range is 50 miles, as the manufacturers announced. Unlike other electric bikes with similar motors, the HIMO C20 has a very low price.

Also, one more great feature, that may come in handy – hidden air pump. It is for sure, that it gets very annoying when you get a flat tire and there is no pump around. Well, thi electric bike solves this problem in a unique matter. Simple, detach the seat from the e-bike and there it is – an air pump. Besides, you are getting all the general gadgets, like an LCD display, front and rear lights are also included.

Why buy HIMO C20 Electric Bike?

For this question, there is a very simple answer – it is a perfect bike, with a spectacular range and what is even more perfect, it is an affordable e-bike. Compared to the other e-bikes on the market that have similar power, this e-bike is really cheap. If you are the one, who searches for that perfect electric and affordable bike, then here it is, Xiaomi released HIMO C20 just for you.


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