Ride1UP 500 Series Electric Bike Review 2020

The 500 series electric bike; the everyday commuter. Ride1UP’s signature 500 series electric bike has made a splash in 2019 as the best value electric bike. While it isn’t the cheapest electric bike on the market, it is an ebike for around $1200, that can actually replace your car. Ride1UP stands by this message on their websites about page, offering buyers an extra discount if they replace some of their trips via car with their ebike. Their mission is to take over where legislation is failing us and offer Americans an affordable way to commute and spare our air.

  • Rating: (4.9/5)
  • Customer Reviews: 110+
  • Motor:  Bafang 48V 500w Geared Hub
  • Top Speed: 25 mph Class 3
  • Max Distance on Battery: 20-50mi
  • Battery:  48V 10.4AH Reention Dorado ID Plus 52 LG Cells
  • Wheels: 27.5″
  • Twist Throttle: Yes

The 500 Series Specifications

Due to the drop-down angle of the top tube and the overall frame-geometry, the 500 Series is a one-size fits all. Keep in mind, if you are shorter than 5’7”, you will be reaching a little higher up for the handlebar height. If you are looking for an upright posture when you ride, the 500 series frame is perfect for you. They have two models to choose from, the MTB and the City.

The two models are mostly the same other than the handlebar style; 500 Series City offers the European style ‘café’ or, pull-back bars which offers a fully upright right even for the tallest rider. The MTB offers the more traditional ‘touring’ bar setup which is common among most long-distance e-bikes.

Superb Ride1UP Customer Support

A big aspect of what sets Ride1UP apart from their competition. They have a strong human-based customer support process. Emails, phone calls, and private messages are all answered by their US based support team. Buying a $1000-$1400 ebike online can be risky, but with ride1up if you are unfortunate and have an issue with your bike, they have a proven track record of leaving no customer unhappy.

Riding the Ride1UP Bike

The 500 series is smooth. When buying an electric bike, front suspension is nearly essential with the condition of most roads in America. This bike will smooth out those bumps and potholes and make you feel comfortable hitting speeds that you simply cannot reach on a normal bike. Going 25mph will allow you to keep up with traffic and ride right alongside cars, but you certainly don’t want to miss that pothole without a front suspension fork.

Throttle or Pedal Assist?

This bike has both and they can be used simultaneously. You can start out ahead of traffic by just rolling on the throttle from a stop sign or red light and then start pedaling to keep the pedal assist engaged. At any time, engaging the brakes safely shuts off all power to the motor. To keep these bikes street legal, the throttle has been limited to 20 mph, which allows you to take these on nearly every roadway and bike path without having to register with the dmv!

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  1. Does the 500 Series bike come with a speed/milage display?
    Is it easy to assemble this bike? I live in British Columbia.

  2. Question 1: Yes. The display will give you a lot of data, depending on your settings.
    Question 2: I don’t know, as I took it to my neighborhood bike shop on arrival. They charged a standard fee of $125 usd to assemble. I’ve done 5 rides since receiving it in mid-August, for about 80 miles, and it’s superb! A really user-friendly, stable machine, with plenty of power.

  3. Question 2: Google the Ride 1 Up 500 assembly video-its quite good and you will be provided a link to it once you purchase your bike. The electronics, rear wheel, chain, derailleur, etc arrive assembled…I installed the fork, stem, handlebars (which have the throttle, brake levers, shift levers, etc. already installed), one of the crank arms, pedals, headlight and rear rack…I had to adjust the fenders…I am not a bike mechanic, but have done upgrades and tune ups on my bikes over the years. I did not find it difficult. The R1U warranty requires that self assemblers get a Bike Mechanic to look it over…my LBS charged $70…

    Oh yeah, my wife loves her R1U Step Thru 500

  4. I’m newto e-bikes… Does anyone know:

    1. How long the battery lasts on one charge?

    2. When charging, is it easy to take the charger off and charge it in your apartment?



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