20 Best Gifts for Any Cyclist in 2021

Multi Bicycle Tool: Crank Brothers (19-Tools)

Rating: (4.6/5)Customer Reviews: 1355+

A multitool gift for cyclist would be very thoughtful since you never know when you can get a flat tire, the chain broken or any other . The multitool comes with 19 tools for common road and trail-side repairs that would save lots of time. The multitool is a must have for any kind of cyclist.


  • Lightweight + 19 functions;
  • Well known and reputable brand;
  • Must have for all bike owners.

Superbright Bike Light: USB Rechargeable

Rating: (4.5/5) | Customer Reviews: 1488+

Safety is a number one priority, so giving this gift for a cyclist would be a sign that you are caring about his safety. A proper bike headlight is a must when cycling in the dark. You can even get a fine for riding without a headlight in some countries.


  • USB rechargeable;
  • Water resistant;
  • Long lasting battery.

Insulated Water Bottle: Polar

Rating: (4/5) | Customer Reviews: 4437+

One of the most important things in cycling is to stay hydrated, especially when it comes to long rides. The best part about gifting cyclists a bottle is that mostly everyone riding a bike uses such bottles (flasks) and these bottles tend to wear out within time. So if you have a friend that loves cycling – it is a great gift for him.


  • Doesn’t leak;
  • Keeps the drink cold on the hot day;
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Action Camera: Garmin VIRB Ultra

Rating: (3.6/5) | Customer Reviews: 136+

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 has an original function of GPS tracker. The GPS function lets you keep track of your speed, distance, etc. By having such a camera the cyclist won’t have to carry a smartphone for workout tracking. The camera also does its job by filming the whole trip.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Voice control
  • Touchscreen

Backpack: Osprey Packs Daylite Plus

Rating: (4.4/5)Customer Reviews: 408+

Every cyclist needs to own a backpack to fit in all the everyday stuff, like the water bottle, extra clothes, repair kit, some food, etc. Also, the backpack must be comfortable, because it is going to be on the cyclist’s back for the entire riding distance.


  • Storage for the laptop;
  • Backpanel provides comfort and ventilation;
  • Capacity of 20 liters + 3 liters of water hydration bag.

Bike Lock: Otto Lock

Rating: (4.2/5)Customer Reviews: 114+

All commuters tend to leave their bikes at various places. The Ottolock is one of the best gifts for any cyclists that leaves his bike for a short period of time. This ultralight bike lock made of Kevlar and steel comes in orange, bright green and classic black colors. Check our detailed guide on Otto Locks.


  • Super lightweight;
  • Flexible and fits it in pocket;
  • Steel and Kevlar technology.

Chain Wax: 6 Colors Chain Wax

Rating: (4.8/5)Customer Reviews: 81+

Every cyclist knows that in order to ride the bike smoothly and gently, you need to lube the chain. Wax‐On will definitely keep your chain clean and will reduce the drivetrain noises to a complete minimum.This Chain Wax is sold on eBay.

Tiny Keychain: Bicycle-Bottle Opener

Rating: (3.7/5) | Customer Reviews: 13+

The bicycle does not have the keys for itself, but every person has the keys from their houses or cars. Why not consider gifting of a keychain? It is not a very expensive gift for a cyclist, but it can be very meaningful and personal. Little things sometimes might bring a lot of happiness.


  • Can be used as bottle opener;
  • Stands on flat surface;
  • High quality, never rust.

Chamois Cream: ASSOS

Read our article to choose best chamois cream.

The chamois cream is designed to form a protective barrier to prevent skin damage in sensitive areas. When riding a bike, you can get rashes on the skin that would make you feel uncomfortable and cause pain. It still is considered taboo in cycling society, but it will definitely make miracles on longer rides.


  • Ultimate day saver for beginner cyclists;
  • No side effects;
  • Prevents inflammation.

Hidden GPS Tracker

Rating: (2.9/5) | Customer Reviews: 6+

According to bicycle theft statistics, there are hundreds of stolen bikes across the UK and all over the world. It is a great way to provide safety and precaution as a gift to your friend.


  • Battery standby time is more than 10 days;
  • One year warranty;
  • Low price compared to similar products.

Casual T-shirt: Life Behind Bars

Rating: (4.2/5) | Customer Reviews: 35+

A funny way to joke around with your cycling friend. Also, such gifts for cyclists will always put a smile on their faces, especially if your friend lives on the cycle tracks. You can choose from different quotes, sizes, colours, wrap it and give it to your friends, who has an obsession with bikes. Keep in mind that this T-shirt is for casual wear, not for workouts.


  • Quality fabric;
  • Funny/parody design;
  • Eye catching.

Bike Travel Bag: Evoc Pro

Rating: (4.3/5)Customer Reviews: 103+

If you are looking for a perfect gift for cyclist, the bike travel bag is the right option for both pro and casual cyclists. A true bike lover wants to take the bike whenever he goes, so the bag for the bike to put in is a very nice and thoughtful idea. This bag keeps all the items of the bike firmly and secure.


  • Superior quality;
  • Bag is capable of transporting a whole variety of bikes;
  • Well cushioned from inside;
  • Has wheels.

Smartphone Holder: Quadlock

quad lock giftRating: (3.8/5)Customer Reviews: 23+

Smartphones are definitely used by everyone nowadays, especially if a person is going for a long journey on a bike. The most common issue cyclists face is that smartphones do not feel super comfortable in the pockets. The quad lock lets you keep your smartphone steadily on the handlebars and the patented dual-stage locking mechanism ensures your phone is held securely.


  • Works with most smartphones;
  • Compatible with all quad lock mounts;
  • Won’t ever unlock when not needed.

Quality Bike Bell: KNOG Oi

bell cyclists gift

Rating: (3.4/5)Customer Reviews: 435+

A bicycle bell might seem like an unnecessary thing. But when you need to let people know that you are coming with a bike, you must either use your voice or an accessory like a bike bell. The bike bells are almost unnoticeable and save the day when pedestrians get in the bike lane.


  • Tiny and unnoticeable;
  • Cuts through traffic noise;
  • No impact on cable routing.

Book: Standing Cyclist

Rating: (4.4/5) | Customer Reviews: 9+

Cycling stories are no different from others and might be super interesting for a person who has experienced something similar. It is quite common to be interested in someone who has the same obsession as you do.


  • Written for cyclists but also great for everyone;
  • Not an average boring biography;
  • Best for anyone who knows what is a chronic medical condition.

Bike Cleaner: Muc-Off Nano Tech

Rating: (4.2/5) | Customer Reviews: 87+

A person who loves his bike always keeps it nice and clean. The bike cleaner is probably the best idea of a gift for cyclist, as a reminder, that the clean bike always rides much smoother and the parts last longer. The bike cleaner would be a great present for any kind of cyclist, be it commuter, road or mountain bike owner.


  • Biodegradable;
  • No bad smell;
  • Easy to wash off.

Recycled Bike Chain: Bottle Opener

Rating: (4.2/5)Customer Reviews: 39+

This original bottle opener would be a nice gift for every cyclist because it is made out of a real bike chain. The little things made of bike parts will always make all cyclists remember their hobby. It is a small but meaningful gift.


  • Made from a real bike chain;
  • Original design;
  • Best gift for “drunk cyclists”.

Rear Bike Camera: Fly6


Read our complete guide to learn more about rear bicycle cameras.

As the dashcam is important to a car owner, the bike camera is important to every cyclist. In case anything happens you would need to have proof of the accident. The rear bike camera would ensure you have the recorded event.


  • Water resistant;
  • 100 lumen tail light;
  • Strava integration.

Christmas Jersey: “Not So Ugly”

Cycling jerseys are probably the best gifts for cyclists. The ugly sweater like jersey would be both funny and usable item. This cycling jersey is designed for workouts.


  • Airflow performance fabric;
  • Full length zipper;
  • 3 rear pocket sockets.

You can buy the “Not So Ugly” jersey at HillKiller.com.

Bike Store Gift Voucher

In case you cannot decide what to buy, a gift card voucher from the cycling store could make your cycling friend get what he really needs at the time.

Jensonusa.com Gift Cards

Competitivecyclist.com Gift Certificates


  • The cyclists could buy whatever is needed;
  • Could be delivered via email.

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