Female Cyclist Set The World Record and Hit 184 MPH

Meet Denise – Mueller Korenek, a mother, a CEO and an American cyclist born in 1973. This Cyclist Set The World Record by reaching a 184 mph speed with the bicycle! If you wonder how this cyclist set the world record, ask yourself one question – do you have a goal to fight for till the end? Because, obviously, this women did. One woman, one bicycle and one goal.

Denise gets to be the first women in the world to set this record. It is not easy, worse, you can even die if something went wrong. The world’s record of fastest human on a bicycle was held for 23 years by man, named Fred Rompelberg and it was 167 MPH. This record is unique because the cyclist needs to have a motorized vehicle (Lakester) in front to bore a hole through the wind because it is simply unable to go faster than 70 MPH if you are fighting with the wind. Denise tried a couple of times, but something would go wrong. At first, the MPH GPS would not work, then there are some huge winds and it is unable to do anything, then the flat tire of the motorized vehicle. But nothing stopped Denise and she waited calmly for the big day.

The Cyclist Set The World Record
Denise – Mueller Korenek

The World Record Day

The speed which Denise increased is phenomenally faster than the other earlier tries. At the second mile, she reached 157 MPH. On the third mile, it was 163 MPH. At fourth mile – 176 MPH. At the fifth mile, Denise reached 184 MPH and she set the world record of fastest human on a bicycle.

World Record Day of 184 MPH

It is living proof that if you have a passion and a goal of something, your opportunities are endless.

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