The New 174.3 MPH Bicycle World Record 2019

Remember Denise – Mueller Korenek, a woman who set the world speed record and hit 184 MPH with a bicycle? Well, now we have a man named Neil Campbell and he has become the fastest man on the bike with a 174.3 MPH speed record.

280.57 KM/H on a Bicycle

The attempt was taking place in Nort Yorkshire at Elvington Airfield. Basically, Neil Campbell with his custom-built bike was placed behind a Porsche Cayenne. After that, he was released and in a certain amount of time section the world speed record was set at 174.3 MPH. After this, the parachute helped him to stop eventually.

After 24 years, this is the first time when the men’s speed record was broken. Before it was held by Dutchman Fred Rompelberg with the fastest speed of 166.9 MPH.

Currently, Campbell is working as an architect. Besides, he might have a big passion for setting up the records in his life, because he also has a European motor-paced record with a speed of 149 MPH.

Nail Campbell said: “We think that we can go supersonic. We’ve got the bike, the team and we are looking at options for the car. Let’s do it.”

Next Challenge: 220 MPH

After this memorable event, Campbell is saying that he will not stop at this point. Now he wants to break the all-time world record, but in this case, he needs to travel to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Elvington runway is not long enough if he wants to achieve this world record. His next challenge is to reach 220 MPH in the next year on a 6-mile track.

The moral could be that you need to never stop fighting if you want to achieve some certain goal. We can wish good luck for this man in reaching his records in the future!

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