The New Harley-Davidson Electric Bikes

Harley Davidson has been known as an American motorcycle manufacturer which now is producing 2 new all-electric bikes which are suitable for commuters looking for a city ride. Take a closer look at the latest Harley Davidson electric bikes!

These new electric bike models are a great choice for urban commute which sometimes needs to get out off-road. Lightweight, flexible and fully electric – these bikes are great for all-terrain.

Futuristic eBike Design

One model of this couple has a traditional design that reminds you of a dirt bike. On the other hand, the second bike looks like a commuter-friendly electric city bike. The manufacturers wanted to keep the bike’s signature design while keeping a powerful motor at the same time.

Harley Davidson electric bikes are all about ease of use. They are targeting the modern audience who are looking for easier features, controls. Whit these bikes they switched things a little bit, so now instead of “twist & go” throttle design you have the clutch, gears. Also, these electric bikes are powered by little yet powerful batteries which are lightweight and allows you to carry them to charge.

What is really impressive that if everything will go according to the Harley Davidson manufacturers plans, you won’t even need a license plate to explore the world with these bikes.

Have you heard of X Games medalist of gold, Jacko Strong? This is what he said after trying a prototype of one of these bikes.

I think that Harley Davidson has met a great place in making a great bike for mountains, dirt and the city.

The 116-year-old brand, Harley Davidson believes that they are able to focus on technology and vehicle combination. According to the company, the goal is to lower the learning circuit and increase the opportunity to riders.

The brand believes that electric vehicles are the future, they try to represent the ideas with these great electric bikes. 

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