The Fastest Recumbent Bike on Earth

The globalization in the world is going at a pretty fast pace. The number of cars we have on the streets nowadays is insane. The traffic is frustrating and most of the time a lot of people are getting to their jobs angry because they’ve got stuck in the city traffic for an hour or even more. Remember the article where we mentioned the world record of a women cyclist that hit 184 mph with a bicycle? This is an article of another world record – the fastest bike in the world!

Riding a bike became popular back in the 19th century in Germany, England, and France. Nowadays we have a lot of bike options for all type of terrain and all kind of sports. 

The Fastest Pedal-Powered Bike

Image yourself that you are going up to 80 mph to your work but without your car. You are going on your bike. Meet the fastest bike of all kind – the Velox. It has been known also as a world record owner for a fastest pedal-powered bike in the world and went over 80 mph. 

The Velox, world’s fastest bike, is made out of super strong and sturdy, yet very lightweight carbon. Also, it has really great aerodynamics, the gear system is amazing and the bike also has some of the 3D-printed special parts that are individually designed for the bike. It is like a formula 1 for the bike market.

So, next time when you are going to struggle in the traffic, think about this bike and image how it would ease your transportation to the work every morning. The revolution of technologies nowadays is increasing at a fast pace. Nowadays we have a lot of options from e-bike market, after a while, we will be able to fully switch our cars to the world’s fastest bike, or an electric bike and it would just really ease our life. The image that there is no traffic anymore is cool, isn’t it? 

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