UPS Tests Electric Cargo Bike Delivery

UPS electric bike

Back about a century ago, UPS launched a simple delivery company in Seattle. People were delivering items by foot or just simple bicycles. Nowadays, we have a large number of items being delivered by a car. 

Now, there is an option that in the future people who are living in Seattle will have the ability to receive their packages on e-bikes, because there will be a launch of UPS electric bikes.

UPS electric bike

UPS electric bikes delivery

UPS and Seattle Department of Transportation have partnered to make delivery by electric vehicles possible. If it will be successful, after a year or a bit more, UPS will deliver most of the packages with the newest e-bikes and maybe expand the service to other parts of the Seattle. 

UPS electric bike

It is not a secret anymore, as UPS brand has been working with Silver Eagle Manufacturing for a long time and has been building e-bikes as well. These cargo bikes which will be a delivery option soon can hold up to 400 pounds, so it is a decent amount of packages. Also, couriers will be able to drive on the sidewalks and designed bike lanes, so it will not confuse the rest of the traffic. 

The Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan has said, that UPS electric bikes delivery and this wonderful strategy will ease the traffic on the streets, also will decrease the pollution at least minimum. 

UPS electric bike

The delivery company UPS is trying to expand its cargo bikes and electric bike delivery option even to other cities and try to make the delivery option as easy as possible. Also, it will be better for any kind of traffic: cars, bikes or even pedestrians. Nowadays, it is not new that manufacturers are trying to convert diesel or gas cars to electric bikes. Even more and more people are buying e-bikes because they are faster than a normal bike, and economical than a car for a commuter. 

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