Kilian Bron Extreme Mountain Biking: DOLOMITES

This is an extremely skilful mountain cyclist going through all sorts of terrains. He rides with such flow and speed in a very rocky and dangerous environment. This unquestionably is the most amazing mtb video you might have ever seen. If you live for the mountains, this video is for you.

The video starts with breathtaking shots of the biker jumping on the mountain trails. And the terrain is not just a plain one, it is rocky and sometimes the trail goes below a mountain, so low that the biker has to bend low to avoid getting hit from the mountain above. This kind of stuff can kill you if you are not at your absolute best and have practised a lot with such terrains.

It is not just the low mountains sometimes, the trail goes through caves sometimes. There are times when the turn is so sharp that the biker has to stop on the rear wheel and then very articulately execute that turn. Now it is not that the terrain is just dangerous, that is probably why this biker wanted to do it in the first place. The terrain is extremely beautiful as well. It has water on one side in some places and the mountain on the other side. Just one mistake, and you could be in serious danger.
This was Episode 4 of Mission 4 by Kilian Bron if you want to look it up.

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