Most Effective High Intensity Indoor Cycling Workout

2 guys and 2 girls begin their high-intensity cycling session by pedaling very gently to warm up because they have got some hard work to come. They are doing 8 30-second intervals as hard as they possibly can. Now, that sounds tough and it is. But they are not worried as they have plenty of recovery between those intervals. This is the most effective type of training you can do in 30 minutes to stay fit and secondly to burn calories.

They start with a 5-minute warm-up of gentle riding. They gradually increase the intensity until they are ready for the hard work to come. They are pedaling at 80 to 90 rotations per minute during the warm-up. They are keeping that resistance really light. They will hit each of the intervals as hard as they can and they will need to be fresh and recovered for because 30 seconds is tough. It is not quite a sprint, it is not endurance, it is somewhere in between and that is really tough. This type of training is the most effective things you can do for fat burning.

It has been scientifically proven to be 10% more effective in burning calories than 24 hour period after you get off the bike compared to a standard steady ride. They think about that when it is hurting. You will be burning fat even after you have gotten off your bike and are watching TV. Around 2.5 minutes in the warm-up, they increase the resistance slightly by changing into a higher gear. As they hit the 30-minute session, they go crazy fast and then take a very slow 3-minute recovery still pedaling. Then they repeat this again. And they are off to a healthy day.

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